About the Podcast

Life survival skills podcast, To Hell and Back shines light on our darkest, scariest, most overwhelming human experiences.
No matter how dire our current situation, To Hell and Back can help.
Through unfiltered conversations, vivid role plays, focused teaching, and spacious curiosity, Charlie and Nicole use the framework of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help those of us who live in hell learn the skills we need to get ourselves the hell out.  

Every week is a fresh opportunity to meet ourselves, our pain, and all that makes this life worth living, with greater understanding and compassion.

Every episode, we're reminded that, no matter how bad things get, there are no dead ends in life. However lonely and desperate we may feel, we are not, ever, alone.

Remarkable guests are regularly invited on the show to reflect on personal experiences of hell that include terminal illness, the unexplained loss of a child, and suicide in the family. We hear what it was like for them to struggle through their darkest moments, which attempts at feeling better made them feel worse, and most importantly, we learn what actually helped.

Listening, we recall that other people have suffered as much as we suffer. And if they made it through, it's possible we might make it through too.

Charlie Swenson, MD, Nicole Helén